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How It Began

Olin Woolace
Butch Woolace

Founded in 1962 by Olin Woolace, Woolace Electric initially served as a local electrical supply outlet catering to the needs of residents and farmers. Olin's resourcefulness shone through as he would purchase scrap wire from Essex Wire in Stryker, Ohio, diligently recoiling and reselling it for DIY projects. The venture took an exciting turn when Olin's son, William "Butch" Woolace, lent his expertise as a troubleshooting resource and helped wire various projects, all while juggling his role as a local radio DJ.

In 1970, as fate would have it, the Woolace family embarked on building their new home. The carpenters from Oaklorb Homes, impressed by their electrical prowess, revealed the scarcity of skilled electricians in the area, offering a golden opportunity for expansion. Eager to seize the moment, Olin and Butch embraced the challenge, augmenting their operation and even bringing additional assistance on board. Olin focused on sales and overall management, while Butch took charge of wiring new homes, grain bins, and other contracted projects, steadily propelling Woolace Electric towards further success.

Over the span of 10 to 15 years, Woolace Electric achieved consistent growth by upholding strong family values and diligently satisfying each customer. Following Olin's retirement in 1982, the company's expansion continued. In the mid-1980s, an opportunity arose when R.G. Zachrich Construction invited Woolace Electric to bid on the electrical work for an apartment complex near Defiance. This venture allowed Woolace Electric to venture into commercial and industrial electrical contracting, leading to further growth and incorporation in 1985.

As the years passed, Woolace Electric steadily expanded, and today, they employ approximately 50 individuals in northwest Ohio. Notably, some of the initial employees hired by Olin and Butch remain dedicated team members to this day. The company has successfully transitioned into its third generation of family-run operations, with Ben, Eric, and Tyler Woolace actively involved in running the business. With a steadfast commitment to maintaining a family-centric approach and embracing a small-town mentality, Woolace Electric has earned the trust and respect of clients as a reputable electrical contractor in northwest Ohio and beyond, solidifying their position in the industry over their 50-year journey.

Ben Woolace
Eric Woolace
Tyler Woolace

Continuing To Grow

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