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How It Began

Olin Woolace
Butch Woolace

Woolace Electric was started in 1962 by Olin Woolace as an electrical supply outlet to local residents and farmers.  Olin would purchase piles of scrap wire from Essex Wire in Stryker, Ohio and recoil them, then sell to local residents and farmers who were in need of wire for ‘do it yourself’ projects.  Olin’s son, William “Butch” Woolace, would take time out from being a local radio DJ to serve as a troubleshooting resource to their customers and help wire whatever project needed help.

Naturally, the Woolace family did their own electrical wiring when they were having their new home built in 1970.  The carpenters building the home, who worked at Oaklorb Homes, informed them that there was a shortage of good electricians in the area and suggested doing that as a means to expand their business.  Olin and Butch jumped at the chance and began expanding their operation, even hiring some extra help along the way.  While Olin would be mostly in charge of sales and running the overall business, Butch would handle wiring new homes, grain bins, and other contracted projects.

Continuing To Grow

Plastic Wire Coils
Ben Woolace
Eric Woolace
Tyler Woolace

Over the next 10 – 15 years, Woolace Electric experienced steady growth by maintaining strong family values and working hard to satisfy every customer.  After Olin retired in 1982, Woolace Electric continued to expand.  They were able to start working in commercial electrical contracting in the mid-1980′s when R.G. Zachrich Construction invited Woolace Electric to bid the electrical work on an apartment complex just outside of Defiance.  That work and exposure enabled Woolace Electric to grow their operations further into commercial and industrial electrical contracting.  They were incorporated in 1985, and continued steady growth and expansion as the years passed.

Today, Woolace Electric employs about 50 people in northwest Ohio, and some of the first employees that Olin and Butch hired still work there today.  Woolace Electric is also now well into their 3rd generation of family run operations.  Ben, Eric, and Tyler Woolace all grew up working in the business, and help run the business today.   50 years of maintaining a family first attitude and a small town mentality has made Woolace Electric a trusted and well respected electrical contractor in northwest Ohio and beyond.

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