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Lima CSO

Woolace Electric has been selected to design and install all electrical components for the City of Lima, Ohio’s most expensive project ever undertaken. The project centers around the installation of a 13-million-gallon combined sewer overflow (CSO) tank, approximately 400’ x 200’ wide tank, placed 25 feet under the ground’s surface. A result of an EPA mandate, this tank will reduce the number of sewer overflows that occur into the Ottawa River.

The city typically receives between 25-45 heave rains per year that trigger the relief valves. This basin will collect excess overflow and discharges allowing the waste water treatment plant to do its job before being released into the river. The tank is being constructed of 3 to 4 feet thick concrete walls, and includes a flushing gate system, odor control system, a 30 MGD pump station 55 feet deep with 3 submersible pumps, a diversion structure, utility pipe bridge crossing, and underground gate structure improvements. The project begun in the spring of 2018 and is expected to be completed by the spring of 2021.


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