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St. Mary’s Water Treatment Plant

Woolace Electric is responsible for the design and installation of all electrical components of this new water treatment plant in St. Mary’s, OH.  The new plant will have capacity for 2.4 million gallons per day, and includes soda ash softening and two clearwells.

Electrical components of the new plant include installation of a 1600 amp 480 volt electrical service, installation and wiring of a new 750 KW generator, wiring all motors and controls for the plant, furnishing and installing all lights, outlets, and fire alarm system and control for a new administration building, and installing power wiring and conduit for fiber from the plant to two new well houses roughly 300 yards from the plant.

Work began late summer of 2018 and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2020.  For more information and details, you can also visit


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